San Juan, Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico Strong!

How To Get There: Almost every airline has daily direct flights there including discount carriers like Southwest and Spirit. 

Soundtrack: Despacito, Ricky Martin, Tito Puente, J-Lo

Best For: Easy, warm getaway from the mainland, food arts and culture infused with Latin. Supporting local tourism. 

For those looking to make a difference in PR, we encourage you to support our neighbors by visiting as tourism is one of the major contributors to their economic success and long-term recovery. San Juan is back up and running and ready for visitors!

Tips: Since it's the US, no need to exchange dollars, no visa or customs required and no roaming charges for cell phone use (although coverage is spotty).






"The people of Puerto Rico welcomed us with such big hearts and were so appreciative and grateful we were there. Not only to lend a hand, but also to provide a much needed boost of new energy to their teams who have been working around the clock for 90+ days since the hurricane. Their resilience, enthusiasm and passion was truly uplifting and contagious. Puerto Rico is alive and thriving thanks to its incredible spirit."